FTC Announcement and Sex Bloggers

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More to the point, Sex Toy Reviewers.

From this article, the FTC in the US is looking at tightening the rules around advertising online.

Here is an excerpt:

Thinking about letting a big-name blogger test-drive your new hybrid in the hope he’ll post a glowing review about it, or maybe sending some beverage products to an influencer, hoping she’ll spread the word?

You might have to think twice, if the Federal Trade Commission follows through with its proposed plan to start regulating viral marketing and blogs.

So for those sex bloggers who do paid reviews for toys and all other enjoyable equipment, may need to take special care about what they are doing. They may even find this kind of advertising dries up a bit as the pressure from the FTC comes to bear.

I believe that there is enough easily found content to form an opinion on the net that “let the buyer beware” be all that is required, (and the internet makes it easier to comparison shop that hoofing it around on foot) so these kinds of things are not necessary.

The FTC say that it is to update laws to take in new technologies that were not around when it was written 30 years ago. I agree, but it also means that the laws need to be relative to the medium they are trying to regulate.

Hopefully a happy medium can be found (Astroglide anyone:)


New Game from Old Game – wanna play

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Did you ever play those games (like chinese whispers) where you started witha topic and posted a photo related to that topic and then the next person did them same related to yours.

It was amazing how far away the end was from the beginning.

You could do the same for porn!

Post an image and then post a response with your related image with link back to the previous image.

Here is my start – the word is latex

Here is the photo

latex spanking

Go on have a go, lets see where this takes us

Prankin with Porn

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Ashton does it, aparently, he like to surprise Demi with some porn.

What other pranks are good?

Sending porn to work collegues with autoplay on? Tiny URL’s are good for hiding questionable content.

How have you got someone?

Did they get you back?


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For me?

For her?

Who goes first?

Who Blinks?

Playing Chicken?



Not Long Now


Sex in 3D?

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I have just read about the new 3d version of Sex and Zen where they are using the same technology as that in The Nightmare Before Christmas 3D.

I’m not sure but this seems odd.

Sex in 3dSex in 3dI know that there is plenty of porn out there, with varying amounts of explicitness and depravity. 3d porn just seems a bit funny? Is it because they seem to be trying too hard?

We have had the myvibe and other remote controlled sex devices on the market for a while, is this any different?

I suppose for me it is a bit like the rest of the movies where some animated features like Final Fantasy are becoming more and more lifelike  with the advancement of technology.

Sometimes you just want the real thing.

So the questions is: will I go to see 3d sex….?

Now where are my glasses?


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Couldnt let the day pass without a small comment.

While I am not in the US, I live in a country with an indigenous minority, I wonder how long it will be before we have the same shift as the US?

From the current bunch, not too soon 😦

Absence makes the heart grow fonder?

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Well this time maybe.

I always thought this was a crock of public refuse, but I must say, the latest reunion (albeit after only a few days) has been quite intense.

Not only has the time we have spent together been more intimate, closer and well nice, but attitudes have been straightened, tolerance levels have been recharged and there is just a sense of enjoyment.

I missed her, it seems she missed me too.

Not having her in bed with me at night was bearable, but not pleasant.

It is quite paradoxical that I wouldn’t want to have to miss her to appreciate her, but at the same time the change has been quite visceral and so wanted.

Is this like make up sex? Without the break up or the fight?

I can’t do make up sex, can’t stand the fight, the  conflict.

This is much nicer.

Please don’t go again

Please do

Please don’t